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How should I clean my hardwood floor?

Combine together vinegar (or Windex) and water. Use a sponge or wet mop to clean the floor using your prepared solution. Do not allow the water to pool or become more than damp and dry immediately. Do not use any type of polish or cleaning agents that will leave behind a film. NEVER use vinyl or tile cleaners on your wood floor! If you vacuum your floor, do not use the beater-brush on the vacuum.

How do I prepare for your arrival of the flooring crew?

This depends on how involved you would like to be in the process and we will discuss the options ahead of time. Normally, the room is empty of all furniture and decorations. I will normally need to access the breaker box in your house and will need a clear path from an outside door to that particular room. It is also helpful if there is a parking spot in close proximity to the door.

How long will my wood floors last?

While we cannot guarantee a lifetime warranty for your floors, proper maintenance and care for your floors should ensure a long lifespan (15-25 years) for your custom hardwood flooring. Many hardwood floor owners then choose to have their floors sanded and refinished to restore the original luster. Be sure to follow all manufacturer recommended cleaning instructions for your floors and call us with any questions!

Which type of wood is best for me?

Your choice of wood should be driven by your desire for the room. Light woods generally translate into an open and playful feeling for a room (i.e. play rooms or entry ways), while darker woods traditionally make the room feel more dignified (i.e. a den or a dining area). We will be happy to help you visualize exactly what will be best in every situation.

Will my floor change color and fade over time?

Hardwood flooring is not impervious to aging and wear from use. Most hardwoods will change color (slightly) over time, and that change can be made more drastic depending on traffic and sunlight. Rugs or furniture will keep certain areas of the floor from changing color. Affiliated Flooring recommends using blinds in all rooms to redirect sunlight upward away from the floor to improve longevity and prevent discoloration.

What if I spill something?

Unlike carpet, hardwood can take the beating of everyday life and still look luxurious. Be sure to wipe up any spill and dry the area thoroughly, though, as any standing moisture can lead to warping or staining.

Will a pet ruin my custom hardwood floor?

Man’s best friend may seem to be a natural enemy of your hardwood, but a little extra care to your pet’s claws should keep your floor’s finish intact. Manage the claw length and keep the paws clean. Most likely, any scratch caused by your pet will be to the finish of the wood and not the wood itself!

How do I keep furniture from marring my floors?

Furniture can easily be made hardwood-friendly by affixing felt glides to the bottom of the legs. Make it a point to add these floor savers to all of your furniture. If you must move heavy furniture, like a washer or refrigerator, put down thick plywood along the path of the item and move it over the plywood.

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