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Affiliated Flooring-dolphin circle inlayAffiliated Flooring offers a variety of hardwood services, from installation for new construction to refinishing hundred year old floors. Our core services include:
• Installation
• Sanding
• Refinishing
• Staining
In addition to those services, we are able to adapt and create according to the desires of the customer. We will work to create plans and stay in constant communication with the owners to ensure each and every job is done with the highest level of customer approval.
ISdc6t8k273fm61000000000Affiliated Flooring specializes in the difficult and unique jobs, as we love a challenge. Tim Scott’s style is second-to-none, and his creativity stands alone amongst those in the hardwood industry of Chicago. Whether it is white floors, grey floors, dark floors, or mixed wood floors, Tim’s vision is what supports his guarantee of customer satisfaction.

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